Nancy Hauer, Superintendent

Welcome to the Dehesa School District, and thank you for visiting our website. Our core values serve as the foundation upon which we execute our mission, which is to educate our students and prepare them for college, career and citizenship. Dehesa School District values include:


  • A focus on success for all students
  • A clear and open communications environment
  • Collaboration at all levels
  • Dedication to continuous improvement and best practices
  • High quality instructions
  • Positive relationships
  • Mutual respect
  • Leadership
  • Striving for innovation and excellence
  • Honestly and integrity
  • Transparent governance


We are committed to providing students a safe an caring learning environment, high quality instruction, access to cutting edge technology with our 1:1 devices and relevant learning opportunities that prepare our students beyond middle school in the 21st century. We believe the key to student learning is great teaching. We value, respect and support our teachers because we believe the key to student learning is great teaching. To help inspire and engage students in their learning we provide teachers ongoing, useful professional development and technology tools to bolster their instruction for the purpose of advancing student learning to highest levels. Being a No Excuse University School, we believe that ever student should be prepared to attend college if they choose.


We are fortunate to enjoy the support of a wonderful parent community. Our dedicated and talented staff bring skill and enthusiasm to their work each day. We are blessed to have the privilege of working with children and young people who amaze us with their talents, capabilities and brilliance. The 2018-19 school year is poised to be one of great achievements for our students and academic growth for our District. Our focus will be on increasing attendance rates to support academic growth.


It is an honor and pleasure to serve the students and community of Dehesa. I am honored and privileged to be your Superintendent. My prior 14 years with Dehesa gives me a strong connection to the students, parents and community. I thank all for your continued support and commitment to the children we serve.



Superintendent Signature

Nancy Hauer