Welcome to Extended School Services(ESS) before and after school program. ESS provides a safe and supervised setting for your child with a wide range of creative, recreational, and educational activities that assist in the social, emotional, creative and physical development of your child. Extended School Services is a prepaid, fee based and self supporting program. Fees are used to fund salaries, and sustain all aspects of the program including instructional supplies, nutritional snacks, recreational equipment etc.

Our program offers the following:

  • Assistance with homework
  • Daily nutritional snack
  • Group games
  • Recess
  • Weekly genius box activity
  • Little passports world exploration
  • S.T.E.A.M. Activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, 
  • No Bake Cooking

ESS fees:


Please remember: ESS is not a "drop-in" service. When registering for one of the above schedules, you are registering this way for the entire school year. Two weeks written notice will be required before dropping ESS or changing schedules.

ESS Parent Agreement form, the Payment Schedule and the ESS handbook can be found below to view/print.

For more information call 619-444-2161



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