Our archery program (OAS) is based on Olympic and World Archery Standards. Our coach is certified through (OAS) Olympic Archery in Schools. We use archery in our P.E. curriculum as well as competitively against other schools nationwide.

Our students go through six hours of instruction over a 4 week period before getting out on the range. In that time the students will learn and rehearse range rules of conduct and expectations. They will also learn and rehearse the proper way to safely handle an Olympic Recurve bow through the process called NTS (National Training System) also used by Olympic athletes. 

The school is able to provide the necessary equipment to compete thanks to grants provided by the Easton Foundation. 

Every year we compete in 2 mail-in competitions (Spring & Fall) where we score 36 arrows and record the end score and email it to the OAS coordinator. This is a National competition that we currently are seated 5th out of 12 schools. The mail-in competition awarded the top 10 archers in the boys and girls categories and this year Kara Allos placed 8th out of 68 girls.